Friends for a Friend


See this gorgeous smiling face?  My friend Eva.  She is from Madagascar (yes, I had to google to see where that was) and was a big part of one the the social groups here in Bahrain, the American Women’s Association.  She was a model, a volunteer, a worker, a whatever-you-needed-her-to-be kinda gal.  Smile to melt your heart, and a soul to make you understand what actual *good* is.

Eva ended up going back to Madagascar to take care of her very sick Mother.

We missed her like crazy, but she did what she knew to be right.  There were other issues involved, but those are not for me to share.

What I *am* sharing is that during the course of nursing her Mother back to health, Eva was struck by a brain infection of some sort.  Perhaps encephalitis, perhaps meningitis, we battle a language barrier as her mother speaks French so the exact details are sketchy.  Eva slipped into a four-month coma.  When she awoke, there was so much to learn. Walking, talking, eating, and her memory is unclear as well.  Much physical therapy and medical care is ongoing.

The saddest part is that her husband abandoned her.  No money.  No care.  No concern.  No communication.  No medical insurance.  She is now alone with her destitute family trying to care for her.

When my friends heard of this dilemma, there was action to take.  I write this with a huge swell of pride in knowing these women and counting them as my friends.  They still care for her, even though she may not remember us now.  There were plant sales, donation calls, and sizeable sums of money raised for her.  Hearts and wallets opened for a fellow sister that has fallen on some incredibly sad times.

I wish to share some photos of a group game of Bunco which we held in my villa….. gathering yet another sum of money to send to her family to help with their care of our lovely Eva.  Ladies of different heritage, nationality, religion and belief all came together in a fun morning with a common goal.  I believe new friends were made.  Friends doing for friends.

One thought on “Friends for a Friend

  1. Debbie, y’all did such an amazingly beautiful thing for Eva…I will add her to my prayers for a complete healing.

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